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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ice Waves and Big Brother

The drive in to work this morning was pretty cool. About halfway there, really tiny pieces of ice started falling. I dunno if it has to be a certain size before it's called hail, but it definitely wasn't snow. This poses no dangeer to drivers at all, but of course traffic drops to 5 MPH below the speed limit. Had it been an actual blizzard, everyone would have been doing 80. What a stupid city. Anyway, the pieces started to gather on the road, and then whenever a car drove by, the gusts of wind would create currents and eddies of blowing ice. It was really pretty.

Then I get to work and find this on Slashdot. To sum it up, all electronic transaction data (phone, internet, credit card, you name it) now has to be recorded by the telecommunications companies in Europe in order to combat terrorism. Oh, and child porn, of course. You don't support child porn, do you, Sicko? So yeah, everyone on the other side of the pond say hello to 1984. I can't wait until this gets tacked on to the Patriot Act or something stupid like that.

EDIT: In addition (and only a couple of articles down the page on Slashdot), I also found the Orwellian microchip. Goody, now any website can see who I am. That's awesome! I've always wanted that. Seriously, how can this EVER be considered a good idea. Better personalized ads? Whoop-de-freaking-do. If this thing ever becomes standard, it's going to get "accidentally" shorted out on my motherboard.

They say it's going to help combat fraud, but what makes them think the information on this chip will be any more valid than what they get anyway? I give it a month after it's common before it's hacked and we're back at square one, only now we've lost our anonymity on the internet. The solution to the problems of frauding and phishing on the internet is NOT more technology, it's EDUCATION. People need to be educated on the dangers of the internet and how to avoid being defrauded and getting their identities stolen. That's the only way the situation is going to get better. You can keep inventing new technologies, but hackers will just keep finding new ways around them. Until the general public becomes more than just a bunch of technologically impaired sheep, internet fraud and identity theft will continue to be a common problem.


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