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Monday, December 12, 2005


Ok, lemme esplain. This past weekend my old web page was hacked. It was the very first site that I ever coded, and I tried to make it as secure as possible. However, I was a newbie back then, and someone managed to hack it this past weekend. I really don't have the time to go and create an entirely new site from scratch (especially since I will be redoing my church's website), so I've decided that I will migrate over here to Blogspot, where my poker blog is already housed. With that said, let's hit it!

This past weekend was pretty good. Mostly. On Friday I got some nasty spyware that neither Adaware, Spybot, OR Norton could detect. I think I got it through a security hole in an old version of Winamp that was running. Everytime I started the thing I would ignore the little warning to upgrade (mostly because I hate how bloated it's become), and it looks like it finally bit me in the buttocks. I have iTunes now, so no more need for crappy Winamp. Anywho, I had to do a format and reinstall of my Windows partition. That's not a really big deal, since I keep all the other stuff on another section of the drive. However, I did forget to copy the budget file from the desktop, so that got lost. We spent Saturday morning rebuilding that, and I moved it to the documents section and created a shortcut instead of storing it on the desktop directly.

Saturday afternoon we went Christmas shopping at Lakeforest Mall. It was pretty packed, and it took us forever to find a seat for lunch, even though we ate at like three. We got most of the Christmas shopping done, including presents for the gift exchange at Carly and Eric's. We're awesome. Oh, and the poker chips I've had my eye on for like six months finally went on sale, so I bought them with my Christmas money. Booyah! I can't wait for January poker night.

After shopping and lunch we came home and set up our Christmas tree. Max was the first one under there, though I haven't seen either of the cats under there very much since it's been up. Courtney even put lights up above the living room windows, and it looks nice. That night we had to give Roxie a bath because she smelled like terds. I'd never given a cat a bath before, so I was a little curious if I would come out of the experience with all of my limbs. As a precaution, we cut Roxie's claws a few hours beforehand. She struggled a bit when we put her in, but after she realized she wasn't going anywhere (I had her pinned), she just kind of resigned and glared at us the rest of the time. However, once she dried herself off, all was forgiven.

Sunday was a nice service at church. We did a neat arrangement of several Christmas songs which we had only practiced twice, once last Wednesday and once before the service. That's how good we are. (It also didn't hurt that it was very easy.) After church we ate lunch at home and then went up to Courtney's office Christmas party. Almost no one from her lab showed up, so we pretty much just ate dinner and then left. When we got home, I proceeded to lose $15 to people sucking out on me in poker. You can read about that over at the poker blog. When I got tired of that, I watched some WSOP reruns on TV.

So now it's Monday, and the workday is over. It should be pretty easy going until Christmas break. I think the client isn't going to ask for any new stuff until after the new year, so we're just maintaining and improving what we have. I'm looking forward to the two parties this weekend. It will be good to see everyone.

Hope that wasn't too boring for you. Welcome to my new home on the intarnets.


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Like it.

Good job!

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