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Saturday, December 17, 2005

One Down, Two To Go

Well, we got our first party out of the way tonight. We left for Carly and Eric's around 6:45 because I figured that traffic was really going to suck. It turns out that there was barely any traffic, so we spent a while browsing around the CVS near their place. We got Dan's (Courtney's brother) girlfriend a Christmas present and some doggie treats for Emily's (Courtney's parents' dog) Christmas present. After that, it was over to the Nusbaums' for some fun times.

We started out just socializing and meeting some new people. We got to meet Eric's brother Jeremy and his fianceƩ Ashley, and their friends Mike, Doug, and Josh. Gillian came, and I was very glad that I got to catch up with her. I hadn't seen her in months. Randi came as well, and we had a fun time. Carlymo showed up with her boyfriend Jay, and Carly's sisters Cary and Amanda were there for a while as well. The last time I saw them was Christmas of 1999. They weren't even in high school yet. Now they're college kids. I feel so old.

The party got fully underway with the gift exchange. I ended up stealing Cranium from Randi instead of opening a present, and C ended up with some champagne, a candle, and a Christmas kitchen towel. Ashley ended up with our game of Pit that we brought, and Carlymo ended up with Set and LCR. We also managed to collect our Question of the Day prizes from Eric. C got some chocolate candy, and I got a duck shaped squirt gun and a magic wiggly (I'm not sure what it does yet).

After the gift exchange was holiday trivia. Eric had it set up where he would ask a question and the first person to get the correct answer would get a card. Whoever had the most cards at the end would win. People were yelling out answers all over the place (the questions were hard), and many Monty Python references were thrown out. ("Apples... small rocks... churches! churches!... a duck!") It was great times indeed. Mike ended up winning it after two bonus questions, at which point he was tied with Carly with five cards. It was the general consensus that since Carly bought the prize in the first place, that Mike should get it. It was a DVD entitled Star Wait, a documentary about the fools who waiting in line for six weeks for Star Wars: Episode 2. That's probably got some pretty entertaining footage.

The party kind of settled down after that, and people began to drift out. We played a little bit of Samba de Amigo on the Dreamcast, but the maracas were broken so we had to use the controllers. It was still pretty fun, and I even managed to get a perfect score against Courtney in our last game. She called me a jerk. It was awesome.

We headed home around 11:45 and got home just fine. I'm going to get up a little early tomorrow and run some errands before we head up to Kim's party. I need to return my iPod transmitter (it's freaking weak), and I need to get a haircut. I also need to replace the right rear brake light on Courtney's car, so tomorrow promises to be a busy day. I better hit the hay.


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