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Monday, March 20, 2006

I've Been Had!

So, yeah, C and I went out last night to see the theater production of Movin' Out, the tickets to which were her Valentine's Day present. I thought it would be pretty cool to see a play based on Billy Joel's music, you know, since he rocks and everything. I figured they could probably do a neat play with his songs as the foundation.

We get to the theater early, take our seats as soon as the doors open, and it's not long until the show starts. It opens with his song "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant." People start coming out on stage. They're dancing around, rocking out. So far, so good... Wait a minute, something's not right here... No one is talking. Is that girl on her tippy toes? Did that dude just pirouette? No, it can't be... It is!

It's a ballet!

Pwned. I was suckered into going to the ballet, the one major form of performance art that I had had the pleasure of not ever attending in my entire life. I actually like regular plays, and I bit the bullet to go to the opera once in high school for extra credit. But I'd never been to the ballet before. Until now.

In all fairness, it wasn't that horrible. I got to listen to a live band, and they were pretty awesome. There was a part where they drove a car on stage. That's pretty manly. The chicks were hot, so that's good. There was a stripper scene (no actual nudity here; they keep it PG-13 for the kids), so bonus points there. I'm sure that guys would have less problems with the ballet if there were more strippers. And, you have to admit, there's worse things they could do ballet to than Billy Joel. All in all, I didn't hate it. It's probably not something I would go to again though.

I would have to say that the most awkward thing about the production was what I referred to as "the gay scene." Now, there was no overt homosexuality here. But these guys were just dancing around on stage by themselves. Oh sure, they tried to make it manly with the occassional punch in the arm or high five, but when it comes down to it... dude, you're dancing around with two other guys. Cut that out.

After the... ballet... we went to The Chessecake Factory for dinner. Now, I'd never been to one of these places, and I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much from a place with "factory" in the name. But this place was nice. It had a really cool Atlantis/Mediterranean architectural theme going on, and the food was fantastic. We had chicken pot stickers for appetizer, and I had hibachi steak for dinner while C had the four cheese pasta. Both were really good. For dessert I had the oreo cheesecake, which is pretty much the only cheesecake I've come close to actually enjoying. C had a caramel cheesecake, which she was a big fan of.

So, all in all, it was a very successful date night out. I just thought I would post this warning, though, to any other guys who may be thinking about taking their ladies to the theater to see Movin' Out. Don't be fooled like I was! It's a ballet!


Anonymous Staci said...

I don't even watch a lot of TV, but we have seen the commercial for this thing probably 50 times since Courtney told me you both were going. Every time John and I would make yucky-face at each other, and I would think "I wonder if Matt knows what he's getting himself into." I guess the answer was no :)

8:02 PM  
Blogger Jim H. said...

Change the PG-13 part to R and maybe I'd consider it :P. Otherwise, no ballet for me! The one exception is The Nutcracker of course, that's worth seeing.. but I'm not sure that counts as a true ballet. I don't see anything wrong with ballet, and I certainly appreciate the athleticism, etc it takes - but it just doesn't look like something I'd care for. Unless there are strippers. REAL strippers :).

8:22 PM  

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