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Monday, February 12, 2007

What Up?

It's been a while since I posted on this blog. I think I'm in just under the month deadline for being removed from C's link list. I win!

We spent several hours on Saturday replacing the faucet in our bathroom. That was obnoxious and disgusting. Our bathroom is so cramped, in order to fit under the sink, I had to stick my legs out into the hall. It took forever to figure out how to get the old pipe out from between the drain and the basin, but we eventually got it. That was pretty much the hardest part. Then we got all the new stuff hooked up and discovered that our hot and cold water leads are backwards in the wall, so we had to switch those (which also happened to get rid of a little leak that was happening when they were installed the other way). Hopefully, I will never have to do plumbing again in this place. Everything is ancient.

After fixing the sink, we went over to my cousin's house for her birthday party. She turned 16 this year! I feel old. She drove us to her brother's basketball game, and we watched them beat up on the opposing team. That definitely brought back some fun memories from high school. I think I might coach some basketball when I have kids; that could be fun. After basketball, we went back to their house for cake and presents and Guitar Hero. I brought our guitars and memory card, and my cousins just absolutely loved that game. I'm pretty sure they're all going to be buying it at some point.

Sunday we started our new men's small group at church. I'm looking forward to this, as I have missed the fellowship and friendship that develops in a small group. Hopefully this will go well. I had a brief solo in the Sunday service, and then we went down to Eric and Carly's for lunch and to try out their Tempurpedic mattress. I'm pretty sure that we're going to get one, but it will have to wait until we get back from our trip to visit Mike and Kim this weekend. After trying out the mattress we played a round of Trivial Pursuit (Silverthorn vs Nusbaum), and Courtney and I won that game. Then we played a round of King's Cribbage (guys vs girls). That game is awesome. It's a cross between scrabble and cribbage; it starts out fairly slow, but the end game is intense. The girls ended up edging us out in that game when they seemed to always draw miracle tiles to make some crazy high points on the board. I think we may have to buy this game.

Sunday night I played in a $1 rebuy tournament on Full Tilt. I finished in 10th, one spot from the final table. Meh.

I have a four day work week this week, and a four day weekend. Yay holidays! We're going up to visit Kim and Mike, and on Sunday we're taking a day trip to Atlantic City so Mike and I can play in a poker tournament. That promises to be freaking awesome.

The End.